Soneva Fushi Villa Suite with Pool once in a while on holidays we wish to go out and explore, and some times we wish to stay away from all with complete privacy. This villa guarantees it would be an ideal choice for a private or romantic holiday experience.

We urge you to go out and explore the island’s wilds and precisely curated luxuries, yet should you wish to stick to your villa, you have lavish space in the Soneva Fushi Villa Suite with Pool. In addition your spacious bedroom with its soft king sized bed, you have rule over a deserted island chic sitting room, outside sitting areas, cushions and daybed. Extremely large outdoor garden bathroom and private pool – and also the Maldivian white sands and crystal clear waters of tidal house lagoon, directly from your Soneva Fushi Villa Suite with Pool.

This Maldives Holiday Resorts villa can accommodate up to 4 adults or 2 adults + 2 child.