These are the least expensive villas available. Like alternate choices, dominant part of the woodwork highlights coconut timber. The coconut trees that were expelled from the island for development have been utilized, making this an extremely Eco-accommodating room sort. These renewable assets have been gotten from inside the island which conveys manageability higher than ever. Every room has an open air coconut wooden deck with protection screens. The entryways are made to look like the conventional Maldivian style of wood work and carpentry utilized as a part of the days of yore. Likewise, the utilization of privately made rope and different parts from the coconut trees make this a genuinely Maldivian room. Indeed, even the shades have been chosen with brilliant hues and materials that were utilized as a part of nearby houses over 30 years back. The light fittings, couches and seats inside the room are all high quality utilizing nearby timber. Found somewhat inside the island, some of these decks give wonderful perspectives of the shorelines. This is additionally something that is once in a while found in some other resort.