These are stand alone villas composed with a conventional Maldivian building style. Coconut timber and other local wood materials utilized as a part of the development bring the nearby Maldivian design in its actual eminence. These rooms are a modernized variant of a conventional Maldivian house. The name “Gothi” in local dialect which implies a plot of land with a house. Every room has an open air private veranda with a local swing, something that is once in a while found in any resort. To guarantee most extreme security, each Goathi has a fence on either side made using coconut cover. The outdoors front yard outside the room has a different resting zone with seats and a table where you can have a private dinner, taste a drink or read a book in the full solace of aggregate security. Likewise, the furniture and different components additionally look like genuine Maldivian design. The entryways are made to look like the conventional Maldivian style of wood work and carpentry utilized as a part of the early days.